‘The good teacher makes the average student good and the good student superior’
- Marva Collins

At G D Goenka,SaritaVihar, it is our firm belief that every student can learn. We believe in providing age appropriate life skills to each child from the very beginning.

The Goenkans attend various workshops to sensitize them on different issues related to the current and social skills. The workshops are conducted by eminent people from different professional backgrounds.

The students are exposed to theme based workshops which hone their skills and sensitize them to handle their day to day lives better. In-house workshops are also organized from time to time by the School Counselor on various topics like ‘Gender Sensitization’, ‘Anger Management’ etc.

A similar workshop on “Environment Sustainability” was conducted by Mr. David Weeks from Glenelg Country School, Maryland, USA. Environment protection is an issue of world concern today. This session was an enriching experience for the Goenkans.