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G.D Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar is an English medium co-educational senior secondary school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.It began its maiden journey in the year 2015. Since then, the school has grown taking into considerationmulti-dimensional approach including an academic programme of high quality, a wide range of co-curricular activities, a comprehensive programme of sports and physical culture, training in manual skills and education for social awareness and action. The innovative ideas and practices introduced into the educational process are an integral part of the curriculum now.

Under the able leadership of our Honourable Chairman Mr. Vipul Garg, our esteemed Secretary Mr. Madan Lal and our mentor Mr.T.R. Garg, the school is soaring to great zenith. The undeterred perseverance of our Principal, Mrs. Seema Sahay has made everyone strongly believe that hard work is the key to success. Her tireless efforts have paved the way to the growth of our institution. Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together.

Secondary School

The school at this level tries to amalgamate what the Junior school had initiated. The school at this level aspires to promote multifarious learners. It encourages in each student the traits of curiosity, creativity and unconventional thinking.Education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience to help children develop those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make them self-reliant individuals and fine human beings. The students at secondary level are provided with an integrated learning environment.Agreat stress is laid on experiential learning. Students are taught through research work, projects, field trips, laboratory based learning and collaborative learning. Apart from academics, students across classes 6 to 8 participate in music, dance, drama and debate competitions with great zeal.The school itself hosts many contests in the field of poetry recitation, quizzing and theatre during the school year. Our students have represented the school at various prestigious conclaves not just within India but across the world.

Senior Secondary

We at G D Goenka are pleased to announce our first batch of grade XII beginning from this new academic session 2020-21. We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment to enable our senior school children to develop skills that will help them be caring, confident and responsible global citizens. At senior school the young Goenkans are taught to hone their academic and extra-curricular skills thus preparing for their journey into the unknown world outside the protective environs of their school and home. Innovative and effective pedagogies are used by the knowledgeable and experienced teachers with focus on the constantly changing educational environment to enhance and strive towards academic achievement. Apart from focus on knowledge, due attention is paid to inculcate values which will strengthen their bond with humanity. Our teachers ensure that our students become sensitive and sensible citizens of the world. G D Goenka nurtures talents in the performing arts, visual arts, sports and academics. We provide a platform for these young minds to discover themselves and make choices for the future. Our dedicated team of teachers support children through their challenges and help each one reach their potential. Frequent Career Oriented workshops are held within the school premises to guide students and to abreast them with the new and upcoming career opportunities. Frequent and focused workshops both for teachers and students ensure that we stay abreast of the latest research in the field of education.

The students are offered Science, Commerce and Humanities streamby the school. Through challenging academic exercise and intellectual vigour, students are trained to become critical and compassionate thinkers. The challenge is to sharpen the learner’s ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to day-to-day life situations. In short, to be able to put what she/he has learnt to good use. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum. Teaching is done through lectures, projects, presentation, group discussion, workshops and seminars. Testing and examination are regular and rigorous.

We are a school community that firmly believes in this partnership between students, teachers and parents and works with consensus, transparency and accountability.Our students are socially aware, compassionate and kind, having pride in their country and belief in the concept of global citizenship. They are ready to work as agencies of change for building a more socially just and equitable society. We are indeed proud of them and speak with conviction that our senior students shall not only prove their prowess in the academic arena in India and abroad but also distinguish themselves with their strength of character.