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“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” – Robert A. Heinlein.

Science involves seeing, handling, understanding and manipulating of real objects and materials.Science lab experiments and science laboratory equipment aid in developing scientific learning amongst students, and in cultivating deeper and profound interest in the field.Besides offering the hands-on experience, science laboratory equipment teaches students how to make a scientific argument. Conducting experiments, reviewing them closely, developing logical reasoning, and responding to analytical comments, are some of the valuable skills that help in preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals.

Teaching science therefore requires a different approach.

Keeping this in mind, we maintain well equipped labs which are a hub of modern scientific facilities, combined with the expertise and knowledge of our staff.Our science labs act as a great place for students to enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms.All the laboratories are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Science as a stream is introduced for senior classes in a wide ranging programme covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We boast of spacious and separate laboratories for all the three streams thar are physics, chemistry and biology. Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously planned schedule of practical classes.

State-of-the-art labs form the basis of the electronics, space study and other science related activities which propel a child's mind towards innovation and invention.