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Language labs offer students a medium of learning a language that is successful and reliable. New technologies are increasingly more present in classrooms as they facilitate the teacher’s role in creating a more attractive learning environment for the student and can offer more up-to-date exercises than can be found in language books.

Our school’s language lab provides practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the language skills: listening, speaking and reading. Students learn more comprehensively using more class time. It allows students to reinforce material learned in class by putting them into practice through interactive activities.

Teachers know the progress of each student and receive reports of strengths and weaknesses to better adapt the classroom activities. The language lab is the School's medium of innovative and effective teaching methods to inculcate language skills in its students. The student progresses in a self-guided but structured and progressive training to achieve the goals and objective set by the school. The Language Lab of the school with the facilities for audio and video recordings and analysis is quite instrumental in honing students' skills.

It consists of state-of- the-art equipments and the latest updates in the form of audio and video CDs, slides, documentaries and films pertaining to various foreign languages. This material is extensively utilized in designing the programs for teaching of languages.